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Why drum scan, well this is still considered the best method of scanning a piece of film if you want the best result. It is not the easiest process, you have to mount the film on a drum, most of the time with a liquid to eliminate newton rings and other artifacts. It is then loaded into the machine and spun in excess of 1000rpm when the light is captured via a PMT. It is more time consuming than a flatbed scanner but the shadow depth and detail is unrivaled. This is why its costs a bit more to get a piece of film drum scanned.

This is the best option for scanning your film if quality is your concern.

Click the adjacent images for an example of the detail that can be extracted from your film. We are confident you will love the results. Our scanner is calibrated with Hutch colour targets for precise colour matching of positives, and the negatives are balanced on a one by one basis not batch processed.

The Howtek 4500 drum scanner

With this scanner we are able to produce some of the best scans of your film, one of the advantages of drum scanning includes the uniform sharpness as a result of the film being mounted on a perfectly round drum. In other scan methods, there is curl along the edges on single pieces of film, this results from the small area left behind to grip the film when scanning, on a drum the film if mounted completely flat ensureing edge to edge uniform sharpness.

The liquid mounting process also reduces the scratches and dust apparent in the scan, this helps tremendously with your post production work and also increaces the apparent saturation of the colours compared to dry mounting film. 




Dynamic Range


File prep details

  • Files will be supplied in 16bit RGB Tiff uncompressed, with Adobe 1998 icc embedded, untagged or ProPhotoRGB by request.
  • Shadows and highlights will be set individually to ensure no clipping occurs.
  • Each frame is cleaned and spotted for major imperfections and dust.
  • Each file is supplied in layers for easy editing without clipping or flattened if required.

All scans at 4000dpi optical resolution

There is a $20 setup fee per batch of scans submitted

Single frame
Single frame
Single frame
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