Custom Profiles, 100% Cotton, No OBAs.

We provide a wide range of incredible papers from the best mills in the world, each one custom calibrated to ensure smooth transitions and neutral B&W prints. Our inks are certified archival and when matched with our papers will give you a true archival masterpiece suitable for exhibitions at the highest levels. Send us your artwork and we will produce a masterpiece for you.

How to setup your files


This is the ideal dpi for inkjet printing, you can send files at other resolutions although we dont reccomend anything lower than 100dpi.

Adobe 1998.icc

The reccomended profile to embed in your documents, you are wlecome to use Pro Photo as well as other profiles, so long as they are embedded we can convert them.


We usually take less than 24hours to get your print ready, if it is a big order that needs more time we will let you know.

8bit or 16bit

We accept both, you dont need to worry about converting for print.


All our papers have custom ICC profiles to ensure that the shadows and highlights are not clipped.


Fine Art papers

Explore our comprehensive paper list to find one that matches your creative vision. Ask one of our consultants to profvide you with a free paper sample.


Professional archival canvas printing. We offer a range of canvas, from smooth surface to slightly textured, all meeting archival standards.



Due to our calibration for each paper, you are ensured of balanced neutral B&W prints. We utilise printers with 3 or more variations of black ink to create smooth tonal transitions.

Epson P9000

Next Generation Ink technology

  • 1.117m wide (44inch).
  • Ultrachrome HDX inkset
  • 50% deeper black density
  • Seperate matt black ink ensuring rich black especially on matt paper.
  • 2880x1440dpi TFP head for fine details.
  • 3 black inks for excellent gray balance.



What is an OBA (optical brightening agent)

These are optical brighteners that are added to the paper coating to make the paper apear whiter than it actually is. The down side is that the OBAs fade quickly leaving you with siginificant colour shift and is undersirable in fine art prints. Papers made for sale or exhibition should not have optical brightners in them if you want to be assured of their longevity. This will mean your paper will be slightly warmer and this will need to be taken into account during the proofing stage.

How long will my prints last?

We use Espon and Canon Inkjet printers at our studios, both inksets are based on pigment technology designed to last 200+ years in archival conditions. Tests have been conducted by Wilhelm Imaging Research institute to confirm the durablity of these inks and it makes for some interesting reading. Read more

Pro Tips

Slightly brighter than you think.

While calibrating screens and printers works wonders for accuracy, you cant predict the amount of light that is available whenre the print might be displayed. When calibrations are done it is under a controlled amount of light and a printed image might be hanging in your study with no light shining on it. When editing your images we suggest adding around 10% more brightness that you think is necessary. This will help you get an image that more closely matches your screen.